Maintenance Services for External and Internal Properties of your Building

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Maintenance Services for External and Internal Properties of your Building

Your home, your commercial building, or your environment must be maintained properly at all costs. Problems might occur when you forget to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your place.

And if you might need anything about intensive cleaning for your residential or commercial place, we are here for you. We, Duo Star, are experts in external building cleaning for all types of environment. Our manpower and janitorial skills are exceptionally high and we are proud to say that we are your one-stop solution for being one of the best cleaning company in Dubai. Our various maintenance services will suit all your needs and we will make sure to make your place spotless and properly maintained, to avoid infestation of pests, construction problems, and everything related to that.

Moreover, to help you maintain your place on your own; we have listed down the maintenance tips that can help you preserve your residential or commercial place.


  • Check the roof coverings to see if there are cracks or missing slates especially after storms. Replace them if necessary.
  • Remove the debris in the pipes and gutter, to avoid clogging. Check if there are any loose pipes or broken fixings and repair them immediately.
  • Also, check the main walls of there are cracks or bulging. Re-paint the walls if need, and if possible, regularly. Preserve the joints in brickworks and fix any broken or loose rendering.
  • Check the frames on the doors and windows if there are rust or broken hinges.
  • Keep the glasses clean and the gutters and pipes as well.



  • Also, check the roof structure and look for cracks and leaks. If there are, seal them immediately or if it’s big enough, replace the slates.
  • Check your ceilings as well for leakages because it can lead to a bigger problem if not repaired immediately.
  • Look for cracks in your walls and partitions, damp areas mean plumbing failure so this is an important part to check.
  • Alert yourself for uneven floorings as well.
  • Check broken fittings.


These are the things that you should be keen of in different parts of your residential or commercial place. It is crucial for you to fix and repair them immediately to avoid much bigger problems in the future.  Should you need anything about intensive external building cleaning or any other type of cleaning for your home and/or commercial building, never hesitate to come to us and ask for help.



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