Different Types of Equipment for Janitorial Services

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Different Types of Equipment for Janitorial Services

Choosing the right cleaning company for you can be a little tough – but don’t worry because we are here to help you out. We, Duo Star Technical Services, are your one-stop solution for cleaning services that you might need for your commercial building. We conduct intensive commercial, maintenance, and plumbing services – as well as residential cleaning.

We are a leading cleaning company in Dubai that is trusted by many – because our expertise is proven, we do give the highest quality of cleaning services. A cleaning company that conducts superb and excellent janitorial services can get their jobs done because they have the right tools and equipment for the tasks.

When you hire a cleaning company, do you ask them what are they using in cleaning your company? Maybe not – so, this article will give an answer to your question: “What do cleaning companies use to conduct janitorial services?”

Here are some of the tools that a cleaning company like us, Duo Star, uses to sanitize your commercial building:


  • Equipment for Hard Floors


The broom, mop, or burnishing equipment that they use depends on the flooring type of your building. They use microfiber flat mop, string mops, or high-speed burnishing equipment. They use the right machinery for your hard floors to avoid scratches and damages on it.


  • Solution for dirt and grout


You might find it fun to get down on your knees and scrub your tiles and every crack on it – but cleaning companies have a better solution for this. They use a special grade grout cleaning system to seamlessly remove the dirt and grout on ceramic floors. It’s like a vacuum that uses a high pressure and high temperature to work, which can effectively remove stains anywhere in your commercial place.


  • Technologies for disinfection

A cleaning company is focused on cleaning your residential or commercial place, which also makes them concentrate on having, purchasing, and using the right equipment and tools to sanitize a place. They have a vast knowledge about the possible solutions to any kind of dirt problem that you will have in your commercial or residential place.


  • Carpet cleaners


Carpets are hard to wash by hand – and thankfully, cleaning companies have the right equipment to sterilize your carpets and keep it looking brand new.  A carpet cleaner that is powerful enough to clean your carpets effectively.

As a reputable cleaning company in the Dubai, we assure you that we are using the same and more advanced solution for cleaning your commercial (or residential) place. We guarantee to give only the best kind of cleaning solutions for you.

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