Cleaning your Homes after a Sandstorm


Cleaning your Homes after a Sandstorm

Dubai has a nice weather, but during sandstorms, we would all agree that this is not the best time for you to roam around or spend your time outside; the air turns reddish, your nose gets stuffed and there are sand particles everywhere. And if you ever forget to close your windows during this time – you already know the consequence; your once spotless living room will turn into an indoor desert with little dunes.

If this ever happens to you, house cleaning is the next step for you to do. Getting rid of the sand is a lot of work that is why we listed these procedures to help you in cleaning your house.

Hiring a cleaning company in Dubai like us, Duo Star Technical Services, can lessen the burden for you, but it is also much better to know these guidelines so that you can clean your homes immediately and if the work is just too much, we can do the job for you.


You should:

Dress appropriately. The sand might get into your clothes and it will be difficult to wash. So, wear those old jumpers and t-shirts that are too old or the ones you don’t use too often. You can throw these clothes afterward.

Take away bedding and carpets. Give yourself space, and clear your floor. This is where a cleaning company in Dubai comes in – carpets and beddings need professional cleaning, and we, ate Duo Star technical Services, will be glad to help you.

Sweep. Some vacuums need ‘HEPA filter’ to sift fine sand dust, and if your own vacuum doesn’t have that, it’s better for you to sweep the floor. Another problem with using vacuums is, the sands can clog the filter, making your vacuum overheat. Ultimately, sweeping is the safest thing for you to do. Swipe gently and use a dustpan to collect the sand and throw these sands in the garbage.

Vacuum. After sweeping most of the sand now is the time to use your vacuum. This can get the remaining sands that you didn’t get while sweeping and you also need to vacuum your furniture’s surfaces.

Wipe. Now that your place is ‘almost’ out of the sand, you can now get a damp cloth and a bucket of water – wipe everything – tables, sofas, and furniture.  Don’t soak the cloth with too much water because it might damage your furniture. You should also change the water consistently to ensure cleanliness.

Vacuum – again. After sweeping and wiping, the sand will now be stirred up altogether, and it’s time to vacuum again with the brush attachment.

Mop. Completely clean the floor with a wet mop – this can let you eradicate all the remaining sand particles. Use a floor cleaning solution if you like.

Put the bedding and carpets on again. If you cleaned these on your own or if you asked a dry cleaner’s help, these should be clean by now, and it’s time to put all these on again.

Finishing. Have a look around – if you missed anything at all, then wipe it and commend yourself for a job well done.


You should not only perform house cleaning during a sandstorm – you should do this often to maintain cleanliness in your homes. And if your family is too busy with work and school, hire us, Duo Star Technical Services, a leading cleaning company in Dubai, to give you these kinds of services.



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