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Duo Star Technical Services

Cleaning & Maintenance

Duo Star Technical Services is a well-established, privately owned entity offering cleaning services in Dubai and maintenance services in Dubai across various industry sectors and markets. As a business built on the principles of honesty and reliability, the company was established in the UAE in 2009 and has grown into a successful cleaning & maintenance provider with years of proven experiences and a track record that speaks highly of our services and how we are valued by clients.


Duo Star Technical Services, a cleaning company in Dubai has expanded to over 150 employees in a short period of time and we continuously receive demands from clients and will continue to grow as a highly professional business delivering quality service catering to client’s needs and expectations.


The company name has recently been changed from “Beauty World Cleaning Services” into “Duo Star Technical Services”, due to the technical services we added to our field of specialties in order to meet the demands and requirements of our trusted clients. Yes, the company name changed but our proficiency and dedication didn’t! The excellent record of Beauty World will be carried over to Duo Star since we are known for our rigid selection of the right people for the job.  Cleaning and Maintenance are the two aspects we shine on, and that is why the new company name is Duo Star, which means “two stars”.


Outstanding service and 100% quality cleaning & maintenance are at the forefront of our company philosophy and guidelines which are the following:


- Careful staff selection and recruitment
- On-site supervision and management
- Respond to service requests promptly
- Regular communication and close follow up with clients
- Consistent inspection program 

Duo Star Technical Services is a team of well-trained professionals and management staff to deliver high-quality service to the cleaning & maintenance industry. Our mission is to provide our services in an efficient and professional manner to ensure customer satisfaction. In order for us to realize our vision, our mission must be to exceed our clients’ expectations. This can only be accomplished by our commitment, our believing and our execution of our core values.


Duo Star Technical Services will constantly work towards establishing ourselves to be the most successful and respected cleaning company & maintenance provider in the UAE. We strive to build lifelong partnerships and trusting relationships with our clients, resulting in a better quality of life. We shall become an employer of choice, fostering a culture that values dedication, commitment, respect and constant improvement. 


Respect- We take time to understand and value each individual because we believe that individuals who are treated with respect, respond by giving their best.
Optimism- We possess a “yes we can!” attitude that helps us achieve the impossible.
Innovation- We dare to be different in order to accomplish great services and become the industry leaders.
Passion- We are very enthusiastic about what do. It is our passion to provide our clients with the best quality experience. 
Recognition- Everyone is special in his own way. That is why we admire others’ choices and ideas.
Integrity- Honesty is the key to healthy relationships; therefore we appreciate openness and commit to what we promise.