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We provide cleaning & maintenance services for your home or business...

Residential Cleaning Services Dubai

Specialized and Customized Cleaning

1.   Deep Cleaning
2.  House Maintenance Cleaning
3.  Spring Cleaning
4.  Moving in
5.  Moving out


Deep Cleaning

We know just how important it is to trust your cleaning service that you invite to your residence, whether on a regular basis or a random occasion. That is why all our cleaning technicians are well trained to provide you with the perfect deep cleaning you deserve. 


House Maintenance Cleaning

House maintenance cleaning is often neglected, but it is very important to ensure it throughout the year, as it is the best way to keep small problems from becoming big and expensive. Do not worry; we can flawlessly do that for you. 


Spring Cleaning

It is time to spruce up, clean up and get your house back in order again. Just let our specialists revitalize your hibernating house by working from the top down; inside to outside to provide you with satisfying results that will please you. 


Moving in cleaning services 

Our mission is to move you, not just your boxes. While moving in, sure your home will have gone from A to B, but you will then realize that the entire experience wasn't that stressful, as you imagined it. You can definitely count on us!


Moving out cleaning services 

If you don't want to pack, just relax and we'll take care of it. Sometimes packing can be more nerve-wracking than the move itself. If that's the case for you, let us step in and help you with it. Our packing specialists are well trained in the art of the perfect pack. 

Commercial Cleaning Dubai

1.   Office Cleaning
2.   School or University Cleaning
3.   Building or Complex Cleaning
4.   Shopping Mall Cleaning
5.   Hotel and Furnished Apartment Cleaning
6.   Hospital and Clinic Cleaning


Office Cleaning

Keep a clean working environment for you and your team for a better work quality and comfort for all. A fresh space is the key to success and we can definitely help you with that.


School or University Cleaning 

We cater constant service for educational establishments making sure to provide the right human resources and material needed for a perfectly clean and safe environment for all students and staff members. 


Building or Complex Cleaning 

Keep your building and environment clean at all times with our unique building and complex cleaning service. This will help ensure a constant maintenance and hygiene for your outdoor that goes hand in hand with your clean interiors. 


Shopping Mall Cleaning 

A clean mall is a successful establishment allowing customers to feel safe and comfortable while they enjoy their times with family and friends. Our team of specialists can ensure you a clean refreshing place to be.  


Hotel and Furnished Apartment Cleaning 

We provide a deep cleaning service for your hotels and furnished apartments with a special attention to the furniture, curtains and overall sanitation of the area allowing guests and residents to feel the most welcome and at home. 


Hospital and Clinic Cleaning

One of the most essential factors of a good hospital or clinic is the cleanliness and hygiene, this is why we provide a professional cleaning service preventing disease or contamination and keeping the premises fully clean at all times.

Weekly, monthly, or yearly contract cleaning services Dubai

Housekeeping staff

We can provide you with well-trained housekeeping staff that has acquired a premium operating procedures for cleaning in order to increase the proficiency of labor and product use. Housekeeping employees are essential to keeping businesses running smoothly. 


Office boys/girls

Need someone to take of your daily chores at the office? No worries, we have well-experienced office boys/girls for this job! Monitoring the use of supplies within the office, maintaining the equipment, collecting and distributing couriers, filling documents as per the department requirement...are the few services our boys/ girls can do and many many more. 


Janitors and janitress

Call them janitors or custodians; they make an important part of offices, schools, apartment buildings and commercial buildings. If you see any of these spaces well cleaned and maintained properly, you have the team of janitors to thank. 


School bus nannies

The job of school bus nannies was established for the purpose of providing help and watching over students during transport to and from school and/or special activities. At Duo Stars, we care about the safety and the well-being of our future generation, and that is why you can count on our experts in this field.  


Restaurant Kitchen Assistants

Following strict hygiene, health and safety rules are our staff specialties. Our well-trained assistants are passionate about food and being part of a team. They can easily do basic food preparation and make sure that chefs have everything they need, in order for the work flow to run smooth. 

External Building Cleaning Services Dubai

We understand that a building is a sign of social status and prestige. The exterior look of a building is equally important as the interior decoration. It is necessary to keep it sparkling clean and maintained. Duo Star Technical Services LLC and its specially trained crew for Facade Cleaning is one of the fastest growing companies in External Building Cleaning Solution. Our technicians are properly trained for any type of Facade cleaning work at all height levels regardless of access difficulties. Our experts are ready to discuss different plans and techniques suitable for each building structure may it be:


External Building Cleaning Services:
  • Rope Access Techniques
  • Scaffolding Technique
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platforms 
  • Telescopic Equipment
  • Cradle Technique
  • Traditional Ladder Access

Rope Access Services Dubai

The System


It’s an innovative system based on tried and tested mountain. Climbing techniques, short integrates highly trained rope access technicians from a wide range of trades and disciplines. It’s specialized means of working in elevated and extreme locations that conventional access methods such as cranes, scaffolding and support system are too costly inflexible or labor intensive.


The Services



  • Facade and glass cleaning

  • Abrasive and UHP water jetty

  • Inspection/cleaning/maintenance

  • Fire damage cleaning

  • Coating application/inspection

  • Fiber optic light installation

  • Air well maintenance

  • Ship maintenance

  • Rock pigeon netting

  • Post construction and cleaning

  • Power station maintenance

  • Jetty inspection/ maintenance

  • Electrical repairs and maintenance

  • Oil rig surveys/ repair maintenance

  • Gas pipe installation

  • Anode installations

  • Lighting conductor installation/ removal

  • Flare tip removal/ replacement

  • Random erection

  • Non-destructive testing/ inspection

  • Paint application and coatings

  • Core drilling

  • Air craft warning light maintenance

  • Construction assistance

  • Teflon fabric installation

  • Signage fixing and removal 


A/C Ventilation & Filtration Systems

Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Filtration Systems:

Air conditioning, ventilation and filtrations systems are those products that often become inactive, and you just can’t neglect. Whether it’s the air conditioning that broke up, the ventilation that just won’t remove the dust, or the filtration system that became slothful, do not worry! Just contact us for maintenance and we’ll be right at your door fixing all your problems. 

Plumbing and Sanitary Contracting

We are specialized in supplying plumbing and sanitary parts. We have the ideal materials, fittings and accessories for applications in any types of space required. We can also meet the customized demands of our clients in the range as per their specifications.

Electrical Works

•    Assemble, install, test, and maintain electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus, and fixtures, using hand tools and power tools.
•    Diagnose malfunctioning systems, apparatus, and components, using test equipment and hand tools, to locate the cause of a breakdown and correct the problem.


Our team of professional carpenters can handle maintenance as well as fabrication of wood up to interior fixtures. We acquire our products from reliable suppliers based on your desires. We can also provide you the delivery and installation as per your directives.

Painting Contracting

We consider the painting business a pleasant and enjoyable activity. Our team is equipped with the best tools for every job, depending on your requirements and preferences. After our team inspection, we shall commit to the time that suits you without compromising the result quality.  

Partitions and False Ceilings Contracting

We are specialists in all types of False Ceilings and Partitioning providing you the installation of false ceilings and partitioning. Or field of specialty covers all commercial and domestic sectors. You can always count on us for advices and solutions.

Plaster and Cladding Works

Our expert team of plasterers and cladding specialists are able to provide complete plaster and cladding services including the interiors and exteriors of residential or commercial buildings. We work according to your precise requirements and needs.

Scaffolding, Cradle Access or Rope Access Services

Our technical services such scaffolding, cradle or rope accesses are to ensure you the best cleaning and maintenance of your building. These services include external building painting, glass and façade cleaning, flag fixing, canopy cleaning and high ceiling cleaning and painting. There is no maximum height we can’t deal with… the sky is the limit!

Floor and Wall Tiling Works

Our technical services also include floor and wall tiling works. If you are considering renovating your space or just looking for a decorative finish, we can do that for you. Tiles, marble, stone masonry, re-grouting and all kind of decorative works are within our field of specialty. We cater all types of domestic, commercial or business tiling services.