What is deep cleaning and how is it done in each part of your house?

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What is deep cleaning and how is it done in each part of your house?

Regular cleaning and deep cleaning are two different things. In regular cleaning, these are the cleaning tasks that people do regularly like mopping the floor, tidying up, sweeping the floor, etc., while deep cleaning involves intensive cleaning procedures like reaching the deep grime and dirt in your home. Deep cleaning services in Dubai are often done by professional cleaning companies, like us, Duo Star Technical Services.

We are a reputable cleaning company in Dubai that offers varied cleaning services like floor and tiling works, plumbing and sanitary contracting, carpentry, external building cleaning, and all house cleaning services and commercial cleaning services that you need.  We have been in this industry long enough to know the effective ways on how we can keep your commercial or residential place sanitized and sterile. Our satisfied clients are the proofs that we have been doing our jobs adequately and we are becoming better as years pass by.

In this article, however, we will show you all the different kinds of deep cleaning services that we do for all our clients. This can also help you in distinguishing deep cleaning from regular cleaning.

Deep cleaning in:

The Bedroom

In deep cleaning, your walls will be tackled from stains; all the electrical installations will be cleaned by the cleaning company, the curtains will be vacuumed along with the rods – these will be cleaned as well. Also, the window grills and the shelves will be dusted and wiped; the carpets and beds will be vacuumed as well.

The Bathroom

Through deep cleaning, the grout in your tiles will be scrubbed – as well as the wastebaskets, doors, and door frames. The mirrors and floors will be washed – all the stains that are visible in your toilet will be gone.

The Kitchen

In deep cleaning, your range hood and the inside of your oven will be cleaned. The cabinets will be washed – even the back of your refrigerator. The sinks will be disinfected, along with the floor and all the steel and wooden surfaces in it.

The Living Room

Through deep cleaning, the cobwebs in your living room will be removed – the stairs, closets. Vents, baseboards, and all the corners will be dusted, cleaned, and disinfected. All your wooden furniture will be wiped using special polishers, and all the electrical installations will be wiped and cleaned as well.


All the corners and places that you can’t reach during regular cleaning will be sanitized by the cleaning company through deep cleaning services. If you ever need it, contact us, Duo Star anytime, and we will gladly help you.






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