Various Ways to Do Cleaning This Summer

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Various Ways to Do Cleaning This Summer

Summer is just around the corner – perhaps you already have plans of getting away, traveling, or maybe to just stay at home and have a quality time with your family. Additionally, if you are going away for more than a week, maybe this is the perfect time for you to hire for cleaning services in Dubai to keep your place sanitized while you are enjoying your time far from home.

We, Duo Star Technical Services are a cleaning company in Dubai that is famous for giving maintenance and cleaning services to residential and commercial places. We give various kinds of services like rope access services, filtration systems, plumbing and sanitary, electrical works, carpentry, and many more. With our almost one decade of service, we have already mastered the art of cleaning and maintaining all the aspects of a commercial or residential building. With our professional workers, rest assured that your place will be given utmost care and attention and left with sanitized and healthy finish.

This summer, make your place clutter-free with all these tips that we have garnered, to help you have a clean home.

First off, you need to start with your garden. Head outdoors and beautify your lawn and apply gardening techniques to also keep pests away and get rid of all the clutter that can deteriorate to lives of your plants.

Second, we know that summer is also the perfect time for grilling parties with your family and friends. So, getting the grimes off your grill is a must – and you have to do this while it is still warm, and make sure that you use protection like gloves to avoid scrapes on your exposed skin.

Third, for your bedrooms, you have to make sure that your linens are changed at least weekly. Vacuum and wipe the dust off the furniture and windows with a wet rag and rinse it for the last layer or wiping to make sure no dust particles are left.

Fourth, cleaning the bathroom may be tough – hence, you need to invest in special cleaners to guarantee that your bathroom will look and feel new all the time during the summer. For homemade mixture, however, you can use vinegar and warm water to clean your bathroom. It’s effective and less expensive, compared to other special cleaners.

Fifth, during the summer, mildew and molds are inevitable occurrences. So, to make sure that your washing machines will not smell especially with the humid weather during the summer, run an empty load in your washing machine with detergent and hot water. Leave the door ajar afterward to dry it from natural air circulation.

And last, is to of course as a professional help from your trusted cleaning company. We, Duo Star Technical Services, will make sure to do whatever is necessary to keep your home clean and sanitized for the whole summer. You can ask us to do the cleaning service for you weekly, monthly, or even yearly – depending on what suits best for you.

At Duo Star Technical Services, your health is our priority, that’s why we only give the best kinds of cleaning services for our clients.




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