The Top 6 Residential Cleaning Tips To Do In Your Homes

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The Top 6 Residential Cleaning Tips To Do In Your Homes

Are you having a hard time cleaning your homes because of your hectic schedule? That’s quite understandable, but we shouldn’t take residential cleaning in the UAE too easily – our family’s health is at stake when we don’t take ample time and effort in maintaining the cleanliness of our homes.

You can worry less now, though, because we, Duo Star Technical Services, can help you with this. We are one of the leading companies in Dubai who perform extensive types of cleaning services like residential, commercial, rope access services, plumbing and sanitary, building cleaning services in Dubai, and etc. We have been in the industry long enough to know that these kinds of services are truly among the required cleaning services that individuals need in the country. Our workers are all trained well and they have intensive knowledge about the simple and complex cleaning procedures that they can utilize in your place. With us, rest assured that your homes or commercial place will be left sanitized.

Moreover, these are the top and effective tips that you can do to keep your homes hygienic all the time, all throughout the year:

Before commencing with the cleaning procedures, the first thing you need to do is to pick up all the clutter and while doing so, you can scan all your belongings and choose if you can throw all the things you can dispose of, like old magazines, newspapers, broken appliances, etc. Through this, you will have a space for new things that you need, if you want to purchase more. You can also opt for recycling if you want to save costs.

You can buy microfiber cloths, wipes, and mops to be used on your floors and on any surfaces because possibly, these are the kinds with fewer chemicals and lesser chance to evoke allergens that can affect you and your family in any way.

Check all the rugs, wipes, doormats, soaps, and washing detergents – throw the old ones and replace them with new ones to avoid consuming the buildup of germs in any of it.

Wipe and dust off all the pieces of your furniture – its top, base, and sides. Make sure to leave no space and you can do it twice to guarantee all spots have been wiped off.

You can also create your own cleaning mixtures using famous cleaning products like lemon, borax, essential oils, vegetable-based oil soaps, and vinegar.

And of course, you can ask professional help for concentrated and rigorous cleaning – you can contact us anytime at Duo Star Technical Services to give you the best and highest quality of cleaning services in the UAE to guarantee that your homes will be sanitized in a specialized way.



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