The Cleaning and Preparation Tips To Ready Your Homes This Ramadan

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The Cleaning and Preparation Tips To Ready Your Homes This Ramadan

After a few weeks from now, the Holy Month of Ramadan will begin and as we all know, it is not only a time for fasting but also for spiritual replenishment and doing good deeds as well by our Muslim friends all over the world. And since it’s near, now is also the time for preparing our homes for it and maybe you will need the help of a professional cleaning company in Dubai for this.

Look no farther because we, Duo Star Technical Services can give you extensive cleaning services in Dubai. We give maintenance services as well, like rope access services, filtration systems, electrical works, and many more. We give cleaning services to both residential and commercial places in Dubai and we allow you to choose if we’ll do it on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis for you. Our workers are trained well so rest assured that we will leave your place sanitized and cleaned.

Moreover, there are some ways on how you can make your home ready for the impending Ramadan season:

You have to clean the whole house

Since Ramadan is the time for reflection and spiritual replenishment, it’s just right to keep your home clean so you can focus on your worship.

  • You can dust, repaint, wax, or vacuum your entire house and pay attention to the ceiling as well
  • Each room must be cleaned out and if there is a need for disposal of unnecessary or soiled sheets, do it
  • You can check your house and see if there is a need for fixing like in the cooling system or the like


Decorate your homes with lanterns

Lanterns and banners are traditionally used to welcome Ramadan – you can have candles, electric tea lights, and string lights, as well.

Prepare your foods for Iftar

You can stock up your fridge as early as possible to serve healthy foods during Iftar. Through preparing in advance, it will save you the hassle and stress when preparing just in time.

Have a dedicated place of worship

There’s nothing better than worshipping and praying in a serene place that is away from the noise outside. By dedicating a specific place for worship in your homes, your focus in praying will not be interfered by any outside forces, hence, be a good way for you to concentrate on praying.

And if you ever need cleaning or deep cleaning services for your homes before and during your preparation for Ramadan, we, Duo Star Technical Services, are here to give you the kinds of services that you need. We are a maintenance company in the UAE that has the right cleaning service for you.



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