The 5 Essential Cleaning Tips Now That Summer Is Approaching!

The 5 Essential Cleaning Tips Now That Summer Is Approaching!

Now that summer is just around the corner, you need to take note that your once should be ready once it arrives. The summer brings a warm breeze – and here in the UAE, we experience sandstorm as well, along with high temperatures. Cleaning your home by yourself or asking for professional cleaning services in Dubai is, therefore, a must.

Summertime sometimes becomes a busy period because of event and vacation schedules. Since it’s the only time wherein the schedule of your family meets, you would want to savor the moment and make the most out of it.

Before you even try to go out and spend each day outside with your family, make sure that you leave your place clean – so that you go home to a relaxing and hygienic home.

And to prepare your home for the impending summer, here’s what you should do:


While you are away, your garden may grow shrubs and plants without your care. It might be too much when you get back and some of your gardening tools may already have rusts ‘til then.


Being away for too long might develop molds and grimes in your bathroom. It is important to keep it fresh by putting essential oils inside. You can add a few drops in the roll core of your toilet paper or put some on the sink so that the smell would be released.

Patio and Backyard

If you have your own patio and grill area, summertime is the perfect moment for you to warm up those grillers again and get ready for impending BBQ parties! You can already start scrubbing the griller, cleaning the patio, and prepare everything.


Summer is also the time wherein pests become rampant. To guarantee that you will invite no pests in your house during the summer, you have to pest-proof your home and if you must, you can call a pest control company as well.


But if you think you need professional cleaning services, you can seek help from the most trusted cleaning company Dubai. And we, Duo Star, are just the right place for you to go to. We offer both residential and commercial cleaning in Dubai.

Our doors are always open to help you. Just call or email us whenever you need cleaning services at any time of the year.


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