How To Make Properties Clean To Avoid Turn Downs of Tenancy Contract

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How To Make Properties Clean To Avoid Turn Downs of Tenancy Contract

You may not be aware of it but your landlords are actually checking if you’re doing your best to maintain the cleanliness of the rental property that you leased. When one fails to remember this important matter, it can lead to turning down of contracts. Hence, as a tenant, it’s your responsibility to maintain its habitability and groomed curb appeal.

And as the most prominent cleaning company in Dubai, we can take care of your needed sanitation services. In fact, you can opt for our contract cleaning services especially if you have plans of regularly cleaning your property mostly because you already have too much on your plate – like work, family, and other personal reasons.

But to make sure that you won’t get kicked out of your place, it’s better if you follow our tips:

  1. You have to know what happens during a move-out inspection – better yet, ask your landlord if you can accompany them and see how it’s done and see what tenants should do in this kind of situation.
  2. You should hire a trusted cleaner if you know you won’t have the time to do the cleaning yourself. Paying for professional cleaners will be like spending money in a good way because they can effectively make your place look better than before.
  3. You can also patch or paint the walls if it’s needed. There are times when you need to apply fresh paint if the old one is already old. Repainting can increase your curb appeal and make your place look new and improved.
  4. You also need to check and repair the plumbing if you can. Plumbing leaks can be one of the major reasons why you would need to spend expensively on repairs and also might be the reason why you will get kicked out of your place; hence, repair it immediately.
  5. If there are minor damages that you think you can already fix on your own, you can do it or ask a professional company to do it for you. This way, you will be living in peace around your home and also be free from unwanted negative reactions of your landlord when they check your rental property.


And if you need our help, we are always ready to give you our assistance. We, Duo Star, are ready to give you effective cleaning services in Dubai and take your inquiry, kindly contact us at + 971 4 360 5058



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