How Do You Clean Your Place If You Have A Plan To Move Out?

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How Do You Clean Your Place If You Have A Plan To Move Out?

Moving from one place to another is such a normal endeavour for most of us, especially if our work requires us to do so. Often, we choose to stay in apartments – and once we find a new place to stay, packing and transporting our belongings is not an easy task as it is. Also, you just can’t leave the apartment untidy and soiled – you still have to clean it before leaving, and we suggest that you opt for move out cleaning services in Dubai.

We, Duo Star Technical Services, provide the highest quality of maintenance and cleaning services in Dubai. We have been in the industry for almost a decade and ever since then, we have never failed in providing our clients a reliable cleaning and even technical services. It has always been our principle to respond to our clients’ needs promptly and to deploy professional staffs – we take pride in saying that our family is consist of qualified experts who know how to do their jobs well.

Moreover, if you have plans of moving out, here are some of the tips that we can share with you:

For cleaning the kitchen

For all the while that you are cleaning your place, make sure to wear protective masks and gloves, to keep you safe from the strong chemicals that you will use.

  • You can buy a sprayable cleaner or make your DIY cleaning solutions, for you to spray on use on stoves, dishwasher, counter surfaces, sink, etc.
  • Consume all the food that is in your refrigerator, give them away, throw, or spare the rest. Afterwards, you can defrost your fridge, which can make it easier for you to clean it


For the bathroom

  • Pay extra attention to the tiles, sink, tub, shower, faucet, and handles – scrub all the molds that you can see with the use of non-abrasive cleaner.
  • Remove all the contents that you have in the medicine cabinet and put it in a box for future use. When emptied, use a sponge to wipe and disinfect the inside of the cabinet.


For bedrooms and living rooms

  • Open the windows before cleaning them. Wipe the ceiling fans, walls, and all the furniture that you have. Watch out for dust and cobwebs – make sure that you remove them all.
  • When you’re done cleaning the rooms, mop the floor or vacuum your carpet to make sure that it is cleaned.


And of course, if you need professional help, we, Duo Star Technical Services, the leading cleaning company in Dubai can extend our hands to you. Just contact us anytime and we will promptly attend to your needs.



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