Cleaning tips to prepare for the upcoming Big Eid at your Home

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Cleaning tips to prepare for the upcoming Big Eid at your Home

We’re now just counting the days before we celebrate Eid Al Adha and a lot of preparations must be done and planned to welcome this big event; from which must start with your homes – your homes must be sanitized enough and you can opt for house cleaning services in Dubai if you can.

With all your priorities like your job, children, and other tasks at home, it’s normal if you consider this kind of service, most especially if you are planning to have subtle feasts inside your homes on Eid itself. And we, Duo Star Technical Services, can help you with this. As a cleaning company in Dubai, we have already mastered the art of various cleaning styles – may it be for commercial, residential, external building and even maintenance services, so you can rest assured that we will give unsurpassed cleaning services that can leave your homes spotless; hence, ready for the Big Eid.

For now, if you want to do the procedures on your own, here are some few things that you can do:


Are there things in your homes that need to be disposed of, recycled, or donated to the charity? You wouldn’t know unless you de-clutter. Eid is a de-cluttering season so that you will be able to make your homes look and feel fresher.


After de-cluttering it’s now time to actually clean – make sure to wear the right gears, use safe cleaning products, and a planned route on which you should clean first. You can start with the windows, sills, cupboards, appliances, then mop the floor, and you can take on the bathroom last.

Change linens and clean carpets/upholstery

Changing your linens will not only look fresh but make you feel renewed as well. It will give your homes crisp feeling, especially if you add a personal touch while doing this like taking time to choose the linen’s colors and designs. You also need to make sure that your upholstery is clean.

Decorate your homes

Why not give your home a different look only for Eid Season? You can decorate your homes and add certain adornments that would enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

No matter what your plan is for Eid, it’s advisable to clean your homes even if you are about to go out with your family on the day of Eid itself. Welcoming the Eid Al Adha with renewed feelings will make it more worth it; hence, if you are looking for a maintenance company in the UAE, give us a call at Duo Star Technical Services and we’ll gladly help you out.



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